Arroyo Colorado

Maps, imagery and census data

Watershed Maps
Type Year Credits
Location Map 2006 TCWP
Hydrography 2006 TCWP
Urban Areas, Cities & Colonias 2006 TCWP
Digital Elevation Model (DEM) 2006 TCWP
Watershed Soil Map 2006 TCWP
Land Use Land Cover 2006 TCWP
Wetlands (National Wetland Inventory NWI) 2006 TCWP
Geology Map 2006 TCWP
Drainage Districts 2006 TCWP
Major Stream Segments (Tributaries) 2006 TCWP
Location Map 2005 TPWD
Colonias 2005 TPWD
Cameron County Soil 2005 TPWD
Willacy County Soil 2005 TPWD
Hidalgo County Soil 2005 TPWD
Land Use Land Cover 2005 TPWD
Irrigation Districts 2005 TPWD
Outfalls 2005 TPWD
Fish Kills 2005 TPWD
Wildlife Management Areas 2005 TPWD
Refugees 2005 TPWD
Tidal Dissolved Oxygen (3.1 MB) 2005 TPWD
Aerial/Satellite Imagery
Type Year Credits
Landsat Satellite Image (2.1 MB) 2005 TPWD
Hillshade 2005 TPWD
US Census 2000

Type Year Credits
Population Total Population, Population Density 2000 TCWP
House Median Year Built Home, Own Single Family Home Detached 2000 TCWP
Nativity Native Population, Immigrants 2000 TCWP
Ethnicity Hispanic, African-American, Asian 2000 TCWP
Transportation Travel Time to Work 2000 TCWP