Arroyo Colorado

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The Dirty Dozen - 12 Tips to Prevent Storm Water Pollution
Volunteer Time

The Arroyo Colorado Partnership is as successful as its members and continually relies on volunteers to help improve and restore the Arroyo Colorado Watershed. Are you interested in hosting a neighborhood clean-up or a Texas Waterway clean-up event? Or perhaps you are involved in a local organization that is looking for a community volunteer activity such as a storm drain marking campaign. The Partnership is always interested in your suggestions and help as we implement the watershed protection plan. E-mail Jaime Flores with your ideas or interests.

Water Quality Monitoring

The Texas Stream Team program is part of the River Systems Institute at Texas State University - San Marcos and is a joint partnership with the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) and U.S. EPA Region 6. Texas Stream Team is a statewide volunteer water quality monitoring and watershed education program that focuses on nonpoint source pollution prevention, and the program has been active since 1991. Efforts began in the Arroyo Colorado in the early 1990s and were revitalized earlier this year.

The volunteer monitoring program not only provides valuable water quality data for use in planning but also provides an opportunity for local citizens to participate in the implementation process. Over 30 individuals have been trained to assess stream health and monitor E. coli at 14 sites across the watershed. Additional volunteer training events will be scheduled as needed. If you are interested in becoming a water quality monitor, then please contact Jason Pinchback at Texas Stream Team. For more information on Texas Stream Team, please visit their website.

Training and Outreach Events

Education and outreach to the public are a key part of restoring the Arroyo Colorado Watershed. In addition to media outlets such as the newspaper or TV and our own publications, the Partnership relies on individual (one-on-one) contact by you and your neighbor to spread the word about protecting the local watershed. Are you interested in presenting information on the Arroyo Colorado at your next meeting or would you like someone to speak on behalf of the partnership? Can you suggest a venue for a informational talk on protecting the environment? Please e-mail Jaime Flores with your ideas or interests.

The Physical Watershed Model

A plastic relief model of the Arroyo Colorado watershed and portions of the South Laguna Madre HUC was built to help educate people about the watershed and the geography of the Cameron, Hidalgo and Willacy Counties. The physical watershed model of the Arroyo Colorado was funded by the Nueces River Authority through the Clean Rivers Program. It is on permanent loan to the Arroyo Colorado Watershed Partnership and is available to all Partners. This 3' x 7' model of the Arroyo Colorado is made of tough durable plastic with a metal frame and used to educate people about watershed function and how nonpoint source pollution occurs.

For more information or to check-out the model for use at an educational event, please contact Jennifer Owen-White at Estero Llano Grande State Park (154A Lakeview Drive, Weslaco, TX 78596),, (956) 565-3919 x 258.

Resources for Model Check-out

Membership Dues/Monetary Support

Although implementation of the Arroyo Colorado watershed protection plan is currently supported largely by federal funds, the Partnership is working towards becoming its own entity such as a non-profit group. As it builds up its membership and status as a stand-alone entity, the partnership is gauging its financial support and future. Would your organization, business or entity be interested in supporting the Partnership on a monetary basis? Or would you consider paying membership dues as an individual or organization? We are interested in knowing your opinion on this issue. Please e-mail Jaime Flores with your thoughts or if you have other suggestions for sustainability of the partnership, we would like to know that too.

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