Arroyo Colorado

Habitat Workgroup

Meeting Summaries
Strategies for Water Quality Improvement
  • Support ongoing efforts of federal, state and local agencies and other organizations to implement terrestrial habitat conservation objectives in the Arroyo Colorado watershed through partnerships and funding
  • Protect and restore existing riparian areas, resacas, and freshwater wetlands
  • Work with drainage districts to modify drainage ditches and maintenance practices to reduce channel and stream bank erosion.
  • Participate with IBWC during development of maintenance or new work projects for the Arroyo Colorado. Representatives of the ACW Partnership could serve in advisory capacities to assist in the development of pilot channel configurations with banks that are less steep and that can support vegetation such as riparian woodland plants or native prairie grasses.
  • Develop partnerships with the IBWC, drainage districts, and private landowners to implement bank/slope stabilization projects in hot spots along the Arroyo Colorado or in drainages within the watershed.
  • Implement projects that would detain stormwater runoff, reduce sediment load and reduce the volume and velocity of runoff in drainage ditches and the Arroyo Colorado.
  • Support ongoing and increased use of vegetated filter strips around agricultural production and urban development areas to slow stormwater runoff from these areas.
  • Implement stormwater wetland systems in urban developments, redevelopments and in areas under agricultural production to reduce nonpoint source pollutant loading to the Arroyo Colorado.
  • Build constructed wetlands for tertiary treatment of waste streams from individual wastewater treatment plants and/or for polishing fl ows from multiple wastewater treatment plants in close proximity with habitat features when feasible.
  • Construct large off-channel treatment wetlands that treat flows from multiple sources including wastewater treatment facilities and nonpoint source runoff from urban and agricultural areas.
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