Arroyo Colorado

Composting Demonstration Project (City of Weslaco)

Funding Source

Funding provided by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality and EPA as part of a Clean Water Act Section 319(h) Grant.


The project focused on building partnerships among the cities in the Lower Rio Grande Valley to promote the use of compost and mulch in public areas. Eight compost demonstration sites were selected in five areas - City of Weslaco, City of McAllen, Hidalgo County, City of Donna, and City of Brownsville. To accomplish the work, a contract with the City of Weslaco was initiated on June 1, 2006. Unfortunately, many of the deliverables were not completed on time. Despite efforts to get the project on schedule, the tasks continued to fall behind. Therefore, the contract with the City of Weslaco was terminated on November 5, 2008. As a result, not all of the tasks were completed. A final report was submitted to TCEQ in 2009.

Final Report

Clean Texas GreenScapes: Using BMPs to Reduce Nonpoint Source Pollution from Urban Landscapes