Arroyo Colorado

Public Service Announcements

Project Overview

Funding Source

Funding provided by General Land Office as part of the Costal Management Program.

Project Description

The Arroyo Colorado and the Lower Laguna Madre are important environmental and economic resources in the Lower Rio Grande Valley of South Texas. However, both waterbodies are listed as impaired, identified in the 2006 Texas Water Quality Inventory and 303(d) listed for low dissolved oxygen concentrations and elevated bacteria. Increasing public knowledge and encouraging local action through education are key elements listed in the Arroyo Colorado watershed protection plan (WPP) and will ensure progress in achieving an ecologically sound Arroyo Colorado and Lower Laguna Madre.

This project will support the development and distribution of two television public service announcement (PSAs), which will educate watershed residents about local water quality issues, disappearing wetlands, coastal issues, endangered habitat and proper use of natural land and water resources. These educational pieces will be broadcasted via television in both English and Spanish to raise awareness and increase community involvement in the activities of the Arroyo Colorado WPP. Based on independent research conducted during the development of the Arroyo Colorado WPP, most individuals indicated a willingness to do their part to clean up the Arroyo Colorado if they are told ways they can help. By providing a personal, motivational message with clear actionable suggestions for behavior changes, the residents will work to improve water quality, thereby achieving the goals set by the Arroyo Colorado WPP.

Project Tasks

Task 1: Texas A&M Agricultural Communications (Ag Communications) and the Texas Water Resources Institute (TWRI) will develop a script and general outline for the two PSAs. One PSA will provide generic information on water quality issues in the Arroyo Colorado watershed while the second would provide specific tips for citizens to reduce urban and agricultural water pollution.

Task 1 Deliverable and Timeline.

  1. Submit scripts to the Texas General Land Office (GLO) for review and approval - December 2009

Task 2: Ag Communications in collaboration with TWRI will identify local English and Spanish television stations for airtime and make arrangements for broadcast of final PSAs.

Task 2 Deliverable and Timeline.

  1. Submit broadcast schedule (including matching airtime) to GLO - April 2010

Task 3: Ag Communications will produce PSAs and distribute PSAs to local television stations for broadcasting.

Task 3 Deliverable and Timeline.

  1. Production of PSAs - January thru April 2010
  2. Submit DVD copies of PSAs to GLO- April 2010
  3. Distribution/broadcast PSAs - May 2010 thru project end (or until funding runs out)
Allen Berthold
Project Manager, TWRI