Arroyo Colorado

April 27, 2005

Dear Arroyo Partners,

OK, Arroyo Partners, it is time to get to business. We have a watershed plan to write and a good plan has clear visions with goals and action items. Before we can develop visions and goals, there must be a clear and widely recognized problem statement.

A problem statement has been developed in our Outreach and Education Work Group. It reads "The Arroyo Colorado is an impaired water body with a declining trend in water quality". As I begin to put this statement out there, some members of our group support this statement and some question it. I will work with our scientists to prove this one way or the other. In the meantime, let us start this discussion of drafting and accepting a problem statement that is clear and widely recognized.

One of our members suggested this statement, "The Arroyo Colorado is polluted by many different activities in its watershed which will require the participation of communities, businesses and individuals to clean up."

I will put out a couple of more:

"The Arroyo Colorado does not meet water quality standards which impacts the Lower Laguna Madre, a valued natural resource of the Rio Grande Valley"

"The Arroyo Colorado is polluted and requires cleaning/restoring"

I need your input! Please send me any ideas or comments concerning our problem statement. From here we will then start laying out our visions which are general statements of where we want our efforts to go and what we will accomplish over a given time span (maybe 5-10 years). More on this later....

Until next time, Laura