Arroyo Colorado

December 16, 2005

Dear Arroyo Partners,

Attached are the meeting notes from the November 10, 2005 Steering Committee meeting. They are in DRAFT form as I want to give anyone who attended the meeting an opportunity to review and comment. These notes contain more detailed than usual and I did this because the meeting provided a good summary of what has been done and how the plan has shaped up. If you attended the meeting and have any comments please send them to Dr. Jude Benavides at by the end of the first week of January 2006. Can you believe next weekend is Christmas?

As discussed at the meeting, I am to distribute the Quality Assurance Project Plan (QAPP) for the ongoing TDML study in the tidal segment of the Arroyo Colorado. It is too large to send on this listserv therefore I am having it posted on our website, The QAPP is currently being reviewed by the EPA and monitoring will begin upon final approval. TCEQ expects to complete this TMDL study in 2008 and depending on how we progress with the Arroyo WPP, will determine if there is a need to allocate/regulate pollution loading to the Arroyo. With the cooperation and support we have received thus far, my bets are on - no need to regulate. Thanks for your continued support!

The consultants we hired to assist in the education and outreach (E&O) segment of the plan initiated the one-on-one interviews last week and they informed me that they are getting really good information out of this process. I want to thank all that have taken the time to talk to them. The information received from these interviews will be presented and discussed at our next E&O Work Group meeting scheduled for January 5, 2006 and then used to design the focus group meetings and the market survey.

On December 8, 2006, Alan Plummer Associates, Inc (APAI) presented the Draft Technical Report, "Feasibility Study for Habitat Restoration/Modification to Improve Water Quality in the Arroyo Colorado" to the Habitat Work Group. Because I felt that that this meeting was of great importance, and due to the cold snap which I thought would limit attendance, I had this three hour meeting video-taped and it is now available on DVD. The presentation and report provides information on the applications, limitations, cost, and effectiveness of the ten selected strategies that can enhance water quality and habitat. The draft document is currently under review and comments are due by December 22, 2005. Please let me know if you would like to review this draft document or check-out a copy of the DVD.

Well, we all know things often take longer that expected. I am working on the draft plan and am also waiting for more written information to come in. I am confident that we will have a good draft completed by the end of January and am scheduling the next Steering Committee (SC) meeting for Thursday, January 19, 2006. This will be a working meeting to review the draft plan.

On a final note, do we have any artists/designers out there? We need an Arroyo Colorado Watershed Partnership logo. If you have any design ideas, please submit them to me and we will select one at our next SC meeting.

Wishing You and Yours Happy Holidays,