Arroyo Colorado

September 16, 2005

Dear Arroyo Partners,

We are getting closer to the hiring of a firm to assist us in the development of the education and outreach (E&O) component of our Arroyo Colorado Watershed Protection Plan. The work includes a market survey and short-term promotion of our Arroyo plan. On September 1st a sub-task group from the E&O workgroup interviewed the three firms who responded to the request for qualifications (RFQ). All three firms are qualified to do the job and therefore we are asking them to submit bids. Once the bids are received our task group will make the final evaluation. We will make the final decision by the end of September.

Progress is being made in regards to the Arroyo aeration structures which are a series of three rock weirs strategically placed to not only add oxygen to the water but will also reduce sediment loading downstream and make the Arroyo more appealing along the hike and bike trail that parallels the Arroyo in Harlingen. The plan received approval from the International Boundary and Water Commission a couple of years ago and a general permit is soon expected from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

Our Arroyo WPP is starting to take firm shape. I have just consolidated the outlines from our work groups and we are meeting next week to finalize our detailed consolidated outline. I am asking our work group leaders to provide good written drafts by the end of October. I will incorporate the work groups' components into one plan document and will then start circulating this draft plan. The draft plan will be reviewed and discussed at the next Steering Committee meeting scheduled for November 10th and then will be posted for general Arroyo Partnership review.

Cheers to all, Laura