Arroyo Colorado

June 2, 2006

Dear Arroyo Partners,

We had a good turn out at the last week's Steering Committee meeting. Thanks to all who attend for your time and participation. One of the most important things accomplished at the meeting was the prioritization of the top recommended strategies for improving the water quality in the Arroyo Colorado.

All in attendance were asked to rank, 1-9, in order of priority, actions they considered priority projects. I tallied all the votes collectively and also separated out Steering Committee votes. Regional constructed wetlands to treat flows from multiple sources tied with enhanced treatment of treated wastewater effluent as the top priorities for action. Both groups also ranked the conservation of existing riparian (of or on a riverbank) and wetland habitats second. The Steering Committee identified the need to fill data gaps for management decisions, education and outreach, and the need to test and promote existing and new best management practices (BMPs) that focus on water quality improvements as the next two priorities. The combined vote identified the need to test and promote existing and new BMPs, and education and outreach as next priority projects.

At the meeting, the brand and tag line for our watershed protection was formally accepted by the Partnership. Again, the logo is a Kingfisher bird with a small fish in its mouth and the tag line now reads, "Arroyo Colorado / Know it. Respect it. Enjoy it. / Conócelo. Respétalo. Disfrútalo." There was also a vote to approve the revised mission statement, "Reduce the additions of pollutants to the Arroyo Colorado to the maximum extent possible in order to meet state water quality standards and improve the natural terrestrial, riparian, and aquatic habitat associated with the Arroyo Colorado Watershed." Some of this may appear redundant, however these refinements are important details when it comes to mission statement and the visual representation of our long-term effort to bring awareness of the water quality issues associated with the Arroyo Colorado and to improve its quality.

Last week we also received the final report from our consultants summarizing the results of the one-on-one interviews, the focus group meetings, the telephone market survey, and the recommendations for the long-term plan for education and outreach. The final report is very informative with clear recommendations, and is currently under review by the Education and Outreach Work Group. The information gathered from this effort and the detailed recommendations will be incorporated into the Arroyo Colorado Watershed Protection Plan (ACWPP).

In regards to the ACWPP, I am working to complete that integrated draft and will have it out for the first level of review next week. Thank you for your patience.

Have a good weekend, Laura