Arroyo Colorado

July 31, 2007

Dear Arroyo Partners!

Thank you for the good turn-out at last week's meetings. First of all, several individuals and organizations need to be recognized for contributing to the success of the meetings. Aside from the outstanding work of our work group leaders, thanks go out to special guests from the U.S. EPA Region 6 office, Brad Lamb - Regional NPS Coordinator, and Fred Moore - Extension Service Liaison for attending all the meetings and for their guidance and support of this project. Thank Harlingen Waterworks System for providing the catered snacks and refreshments for the evening Steering Committee meeting. And thanks to Paul H. Bergh - Rio Radio Supply, Inc., for purchasing and lending a Morantz CD recorder used to record the Habitat Work Group and Steering Committee meetings.

The final groups to be recognized are the cities participating in the EPA and TCEQ sponsored individual wetland projects. Thanks to Martha McClain - City of San Benito, Darla Jones - City of La Feria, and Richard LeFever - City of Mercedes for presenting their individual wetlands project. You will be hearing more about this project as time progresses. At this point, all of these cities including the City of San Juan, are in the re-permitting stage of the process. This has been quite a process for all involved. However in the end these wetland systems should prove beneficial not only to water quality, but also, in the creation of additional aquatic habitat while providing facilities for outdoor education.

Project updates for work group activities were presented at the meetings. Two that have not been highlighted in these bi-monthly up-dates include the additional monitoring efforts of the Nueces River Authority in the Arroyo Colorado watershed through the Texas Clean Rivers Program (five additional in-stream monitoring sites have been added to the 7 existing sites) and the new grant awarded by the Texas State Soil and Water Conservation Board for the SWAT (Soil and Water Assessment Tool) Model Project. This project will build on the current ongoing ag assessment project and will help with the reassessment of the needed loading reductions. The goal of this project is to simulate the current nutrient, BOD and sediment loading to the Arroyo Colorado using the SWAT model with up to date information.

There are additional ongoing projects and I will keep up updated as they progress.

On a final note, mark your calendars. On September 22, 2007, Texas Watch will host a regional meeting that will focus on the Arroyo Colorado Watershed Protection Plan and Texas Watch activities in the watershed. It will be a half-day event held in Weslaco, Texas.