Arroyo Colorado

June 25, 2007

Hola Arroyo Colorado Partners,

As you may know, securing grants and public and private partnerships are key elements to implementation of the Arroyo Colorado Watershed Protection Plan. It is a numbers game and we are off and running. Over the past couple of weeks, two (2) Costal Management Program (CMP) pre-proposals/letters of intent were developed and submitted by the 5:00 PM June 20, 2007 deadline. They are titled "Development of an Arroyo Colorado Education and Outreach Center at Rio Hondo, Texas" and "Pesticide Education in the Coastal Zone of the Arroyo Colorado Watershed." The submittal of pre-proposals was optional, however it provides an opportunity to allow the CMP review team to evaluate the pre-proposals and make written recommendations as to how to best focus the projects for funding.

A third pre-proposal titled "Feasibility and Site Suitability Analysis for Wetland Treatment Systems in Cameron County" was developed but did not get in by the deadline. Nonetheless, all three pre-proposals provide a great start to the development of the full proposals due October 10, 2007. Project details for all three pre-proposals will be presented at the next Arroyo Colorado Steering Committee and Partnership meeting scheduled for Tuesday, July 24, 2007. The meeting will be held from 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM in the Rio Red Classroom at the TAMUK Citrus Center. I will include a meeting agenda with the next bi-monthly update. Attached is the beginning of a list of other potential grants. Please let me know if your community or organization is interested in partnering in the development of proposals.

This weekend, Texas Watch will hold a Phase I and Phase II water quality monitoring training session in Harlingen, Texas. The establishment of 10 volunteer water quality monitoring sites within the Arroyo Colorado watershed is part of our plan to monitor and improve water quality. Twelve (12) individuals are currently signed up for this training and there is room for four (4) more participants. Please review the attached agenda and contact Heidi Lee Nikole (512-245-3461 or if you would like to participate in the training.

Another great training event happening this weekend is the "WOW!: The Wonders of Wetlands" training sponsored by the Nature Conservancy. Fifteen (15) individuals are currently signed up and there is space for ten (10) more participants. If you would like to take this course, please contact Donna Berry (956-546-0547 or Please note that the sign-up deadline on the attached registration form has been extended to the end of the week. This course is great for science educators as it includes a K-12 curriculum guide.

The last event to promote is the 40th Annual Keep Texas Beautiful conference, which will be in San Antonio on July 10th-13th. Learn more about Keep Texas Beautiful programs, like the Lake and River Clean-up Program, and how to participate in those programs at the state and local level. For more information, go to the conference website at

Happy summer,