Arroyo Colorado

December 2, 2008

Hello Arroyo Partners:

I hope everyone is full and well rested after the long Thanksgiving weekend.  The Valley experienced some wonderful weather throughout the holiday and I am sure you took full advantage of it.

The Watershed Steward Program was very successful.  The program was attended by approximately 67 people.  The attendees included farmers, engineers, educators, students, city officials and interested citizens.  Everyone, including myself, learned a great deal about our watershed and how to become better watershed stewards.

The annual CREST-RESSACA conference was held on Nov. 24th -25th at La Copa Inn at South Padre Island, TX.  It was also a great success and was very well attended.  This was the 7th annual conference and it just keeps getting bigger every year.  I would like to congratulate Javier Guerrero and all of the staff and faculty at TAMUK Environmental Engineering Department and the LRGV-TPDES Task Force for putting on such an outstanding event.

There is going to be an Arroyo Colorado Wastewater Infrastructure Workgroup meeting this month.   The meeting will be held Tuesday, December 16, 2008 in the Rio Red Classroom of the Citrus Center, located in Weslaco, Texas.  The meeting will be held from 1:30pm to 3:30pm in the afternoon.  I would really like all the Wastewater Infrastructure Workgroup members to attend.

Here are a few other upcoming events that you may be interested in:

Again, I would like for everybody to take note that the Steering Committee and workgroup meetings have changed from Thursdays to Mondays. Here is the new schedule for 2009:

Steering Committee Meetings (4th Monday of the quarter month): Jan 26 April 27 July 27 Oct 26

Education and Outreach Workgroup Meetings (not changed - 2nd Tuesday of the quarter month): Jan 13 April 14 July 14 Oct 13

Ag Issues Workgroup Meetings (same day as steering committee - 4th Monday, but only twice a year): Jan 26 July 27

Habitat Workgroup Meetings (same day as steering committee - 4th Monday, but only twice a year): Jan 26 July 27

Winter is just around the corner and the weather is great.  Be sure to take in the outdoors before it gets to wet and cold to go outside.  That is all for now.

Looking ahead,

Jaime Flores