Arroyo Colorado

June 17, 2008

Dear Arroyo Partners,

We need your opinion. One strategy identified in the outreach and education component of the ACW Protection Plan is the production and installation of roadway signage to let people know they are entering the Arroyo Colorado Watershed. This is part of the effort to raise awareness and increase community involvement in the Arroyo Colorado Watershed Partnership initiative. We plan to place at least ten (10) road signs along major Valley thoroughfares at select watershed boundaries. We request your help in the selection of a final design. Attached is a document with four (4) options. Please reply with a vote for your preferred option. Thank you for your time and participation.

Last week's field trip to the INVISTA wetland was very informative. The 53 acre wetland has been in operation 10 years and has proven to be of great benefit to the community and to INVISTA, Inc. Over 28,000 students have visited and experienced the wetland and a positive correlation has been demonstrated; students who experience the site on more than one occasion have higher TEKS scores than those who have not participated in their (Victory ISD) educational wetland activities. Our Partnership also stands to benefit from the ten years of experience using the wetland as a teaching tool and from experience gained in wetland management. The educator, John Snyder, said he would be happy to share his 66 wetland exercises with us. And note, these wetlands have not required a major clean-out since its construction. Again, thanks to INVISTA, Inc. for hosting us and CH2M Hill for helping organize the field trip!

Our grant writing team is very busy these days. We are working on two (2) Coastal Management Program (CMP) pre-proposals and are gearing-up for a third proposal to the Coastal Impact Assistance Program (CIAP). Attached is the latest grant list.

On a final note, attached are flyers for three upcoming Valley events sponsored by:

Hope you can make one of these events and stay tuned as we prepare for another round of Partnership and workgroup meetings in July. Mark your calendars for July 24, 2008; there will be an agricultural workgroup meeting in the morning, habitat workgroup meeting in the afternoon and Steering Committee in the evening. More on this later...

Happy Summer,