Arroyo Colorado

March 17, 2008

Arroyo Partners,

Spring is approaching and things are happening the in the Valley. Fields are being planted and irrigated, and with this, researchers and staff from TAMU and TAMUK have begun collecting water quality samples as part of the Ag Assessment program’s first edge-of-field and drainage ditch water sampling event. Again, this is part of the “Arroyo Colorado Agricultural Nonpoint Source Assessment” project. You can go to our website-projects for the project scope of work.

March began with a visit and field tour from TWRI’s upper management. Thanks go out to Dr. Allan Jones and Dr. Bill Harris for providing concentrated time and expertise to this project. They toured the watershed including ongoing agricultural and irrigation projects sites, and a few potential regional wetland sites. Their visit provided an opportunity to brainstorm on potential funding opportunities and to strengthen the partnership through contact with important stakeholders. We have much to follow-up on as a result of their productive visit.

Dr. Jones and Dr. Harris were also here to solicit feedback on the Rio Grande Basin Initiative (RGBI) project as part of an effort to ensure the RGBI is targeting priority issues with appropriately focused programs. To get more information on this ongoing project visit: The Mercedes Livestock Show is a great community event! We were there with the physical Arroyo Colorado watershed model (model), and once again, it was well received and confirmed that many people here in the LRGV do not know where their water comes from or where it goes. The watershed model is proving a great way to raise awareness of local water quality issues. Thanks to the volunteers (you know who you are) who assisted in demonstrating the model!

On a final note, the model is pretty booked for all of April and May, so if you would like to demonstrate it at your place or event, think about booking it early.

Happy Spring,