Arroyo Colorado

September 24, 2008

Hello Arroyo Partners:

Despite our current lack of a watershed coordinator, the efforts toward implementing the Arroyo Colorado watershed protection plan are still in full force.  In fact, the search is still open for a watershed coordinator. If you are interested or know of someone who would be a good candidate for the position, please apply at (reference NOV# 03680). Also, we truly appreciate Laura's continued dedication to the Partnership as we transition to a new coordinator.

We are in need of a volunteer or volunteers to help us out on October 11 at the Green Living Festival in McAllen where we will be demonstrating the Arroyo Colorado physical watershed model. We need assistance in 1) getting the model to the festival and taking it down at the end of the day and 2) demonstrating the model to the public during the day. The model is currently at Estero Llano Grande and would need to be transported to McAllen the day of the festival and then back to Estero Llano Grande after the festival. We need a full-sized vehicle (truck or suburban) to transport it as the model is longer than 7 feet. To demonstrate the model, it is pretty straight forward as we have a prepared script and all of the supplies. We just need a willing volunteer(s). If you are interested in helping out, please email Cecilia Wagner at And thank you for your help!

As always, if you have or know of an event where you would like to see the watershed model demonstrated, please contact either Cecilia Wagner or Jennifer Owen ( to reserve the model.

On September 18, EPA and several other organizations kicked off the 5th Annual World Water Monitoring Day. The month-long international effort is aimed to increase public awareness and involvement in water monitoring and protecting water resources around the world. You can be involved in water quality monitoring in your backyard by becoming a volunteer monitor with the Texas Stream Team (formerly Texas Watch). To learn more about this project and view the sampling locations, go to If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, contact Heidi Moltz ( or 512.245.3461).

In addition to the McAllen Green Living Festival on October 11, here are some local upcoming events that you may be interested in attending:

The Partnership is also in the process of developing two proposals for the Coastal Management Program through the General Land Office. These two projects propose the beginning phases of wetland development in the City of Rio Hondo and near the Port of Harlingen. The deadline is October 15 and an update on the final proposals will be provided at the upcoming steering committee meeting.

Speaking of meetings, summaries from all of the previous workgroup and steering committee meetings held in July and August are now posted on the Web site at As we look ahead, we have partnership meetings scheduled for October and we appreciate and welcome your attendance. The outreach and education workgroup will be meeting on October 14 and the steering committee meeting will be on Oct 23.  More information about these meetings to follow in the future updates and to be posted on the Web site.

Warmest regards,