Arroyo Colorado

January 6, 2009

Hello Arroyo Partners:

I want to wish everyone a Happy New year.  I hope everyone is rested after the holiday break.  Let’s get those new year resolutions going; lose weight, exercise and clean up the Arroyo Colorado!  If I eat one more tamale, I think I will explode.  I cannot believe that we are in the year 2009!  It has been nine years since the Y2K scare and computers are still running the world.

The second annual McCANALenBurg Classic was held on December 27, 2008. They had a very nice turnout.  There were at least 100 cyclists that participated in the event.  A good time was had by all that attended.  The Arroyo Colorado Watershed model was on display spreading the word about our watershed.

The Lower Rio Grande Valley (LRGV) Texas Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (TPDES) Storm Water Task Force and the Arroyo Colorado Partnership will be busy conducting local school classroom presentations throughout the Valley.  We are still working out the schedule but we will be visiting at least three different school districts this month.  The kids really enjoy these classroom presentations.  They are very interested in what is happening to their environment and want to protect it.  These presentations cover a lot of information including civil engineering; streets, storm drains and how they work, wastewater treatment plants and how they work and how they affect our environment.  We then explain what a watershed is and that they live in one and give an overview of the water cycle and why it is so important.  From there we discuss pollution, the different types of pollution and how it is harmful to the environment.  It is a lot of material and they seem to just soak it up.

The Arroyo Colorado website has been updated under the "How you can help" page including online subscription to the newsletter or bimonthly update, checking out the model, supporting the partnership thru monetary and other means and becoming a volunteer monitor. If you are interested in any of these and other activities, please visit the website.

I want to remind everyone that our Workgroup meetings are just around the corner.  The Education and Outreach Workgroup Meeting will be held on January 13th.   The Ag Issues Workgroup Meeting, the Habitat Workgroup Meeting and the Steering Committee Meeting will be held on the January 26th.  I encourage everyone to attend these meetings.  For times and locations for these meetings, please visit the Arroyo Colorado website.

The Holiday weather was great and a lot warmer than I expected.  It still has not gotten really cold and wet for an extended period of time.  I hope that we do not get a late cold front in February like we did several years back.  That was a late freeze that damaged a lot of citrus trees and killed a lot of fish in the bay.  I will keep my fingers crossed.

Looking ahead, Jaime Flores