Arroyo Colorado

July 16, 2009

Hello Arroyo Partners:

Last week I attended the Texas Watershed Coordinator’s Roundtable meeting at Texas AgriLife Blackland Research Center in Temple. The meeting was very well attended, I believe 81 people, and proved how important watershed issues have become and will continue to be for years to come. The meeting discussed the challenges faced by Watershed Partnerships across the state, specifically in building sustainable entities and highlighted some of the successful models used by various groups.

We will be discussing our own plan of action to sustain the Arroyo Colorado Partnership at our next steering committee meeting on July 27 from 4:30 to 7 pm (agenda). I will be sending out more information about the steering committee meeting next week. In addition to discussing sustainability, Richard Eyster, Texas Department of Agriculture, will be updating us on revisions to surface water standards and the recent 6th Circuit Court decision regarding permit requirements for pesticide use near or over water. The Agricultural Issues Workgroup will also meet that morning from 9 am to 12 noon (agenda). Both meetings will be held in the Rio Red Room at the Citrus Center in Weslaco. Please join us.

Two events highlighting wastewater management and infrastructure issues are happening tomorrow (Friday, July 17). First, TCEQ is hosting a workshop titled, “The Future of Biosolids Management in the Lower Rio Grande Valley,”  from 8:30 am -3:45 pm at the McAllen Convention Center (agenda). This event is a US-Mexico Border 2012 Environmental Program. Following the workshop, the Wastewater Infrastructure Workgroup will meet from 4-6 pm (agenda) at the Macaroni Grill across from the Convention Center.

Finally, here are a couple of other events you might be interested in:

The fishing has been outstanding. I made it up to Port Mansfield on Saturday and landed 5 hefty trout and 2 reds, one was 30” so I had to tag it. Then, Sunday morning, we went back and caught a total of 13 trout and four reds. Lots of big reds schooling out there. If you have a chance, hit the water.

Looking ahead,

Jaime Flores