Arroyo Colorado

June 15, 2009

Hello Arroyo Partners:

I recently found out that the Bing Hung/Southern Star shrimp farm had been shut down and foreclosed upon by the bank that held the loan. Dr. Robert Collier and Paul Bergh have been trying to contact local and state conservation groups about the shrimp farm with the idea to try and acquire the property through a large partnered effort for development of a treatment wetland/birding center.  A concerted effort by the ACWP, TCEQ, USFWS, TPWD, Ducks Unlimited, Valley Land Fund, LLMF, TXCCA and others could turn this idea into a reality.  Only time will tell, but it does appear to be an excellent opportunity. Dr. Collier mentioned a smaller project 5 miles upstream from Hung's shrimp farm where TAMUK did a demonstration project that consisted of constructing 5 treatment ponds and diverting water from the Arroyo into the ponds for treatment. The project proved to be very successful, but unfortunately, funding ended and so did the demonstration. I will keep you posted as things develop and if you have information or would like to be more closely involved, please contact me.

Please mark your calendar for these upcoming meetings:

Also, here are a couple of events you might be interested in: Recently, I made it down the Arroyo for a little fishing.  We fished just north of the Y and around Green Island.  The natural beauty of the area never ceases to amaze me. It helps when you catch a 28 inch redfish on the first cast.

Looking ahead,

Jaime Flores