Arroyo Colorado

May 28, 2009

Hello Arroyo Partners:

The Rio Grande Valley finally got some much needed rain.  It seemed like nature exploded with colors overnight.  How great is rain?  It is almost beyond words, the effect of a good rain.  I hope we get a little more.

I would like to thank everyone that responded to our request for a boat to help Dr. Deyoe and Paul Duke conduct a study on the Arroyo Colorado. Paul sent me this message "Thanks to the ACWP, I have acquired a canoe for the sampling trips thanks to Mr. & Mrs. Bergh who responded to the message we sent out to the Arroyo partners. I really appreciate their help and extend my thanks to all those who also responded to our plea!!"

I was notified that the grant to conduct monitoring at permitted waste water treatment plants in the watershed will likely receive funding. I would like to congratulate TAMUK, UTB and the LRGVDC for the hard work that went into putting together that proposal. TCEQ is negotiating the contract and work will probably begin October 1 of this year. We have a couple more proposals that are currently being developed. I will keep you informed once they become more concrete.

Here are a couple of events you might be interested in:

We can use a little more rain. It worked the last time, so I will ask again.

Looking ahead,

Jaime Flores