Arroyo Colorado

September 17, 2009

Hello Arroyo Partners:

Last week, it rained in the Rio Grande Valley! There were scattered thunderstorms throughout the Valley all week and it was great to see that much rain. Could the drought be over? No of course not but it was still nice. A lot of this rain fell in our watershed. Eventually, all the rain saturated the ground, led to localized flooding, storm drains were full of trash and the reminder of a storm like Dolly was on everyone’s mind. Storm water runoff and flooding will be a big issue this winter in the Rio Grande Valley if the predictions for a very wet winter are correct.

On the last update, we shared with you a written summary of our WPP implementation efforts to date. We presented that written summary to Region M Water Planning Group on September 2. We now have the opportunity to add any additional milestones or pertinent data that might have been left out of the original summary. The summary is attached and we would appreciate any additions or corrections by September 25.

I have been meeting with several cities to discuss the grant cycles that are coming up, particularly the CWA Section 319 Program. We have some ideas focusing on stormwater management and low impact development, but are always interested in more projects and partners. Please contact me if there is a project you want the Partnership to consider. Please mark your calendars for a few upcoming events including :

Speaking of events, summaries from all of the previous workgroup (Habitat Restoration and Agriculture Issues) and steering committee meetings held in June and July are now posted on the Web site. As we look ahead, we have partnership meetings scheduled for October and we appreciate and welcome your attendance. The outreach and education workgroup will be meeting on October 13 and the steering committee meeting will be on Oct 22. More information about these meetings to follow in the future updates and to be posted on the Web site.

With all the rain, I could not get out to do any fishing but I was able to get some white-wing dove hunting in over the last couple of weekends. Lots of white-wing flying and the birds were healthy. I hope that we do have a wet winter throughout the state to help out the wildlife and the farmers. All of this rain also means that I will be doing a lot of grass cutting. The fishing will probably have to wait.

Looking ahead,

Jaime Flores