Arroyo Colorado

January 29, 2010

Hello Arroyo Partners:

We have had great weather over the last couple of weeks.  I spent some time this morning watching a crew of farm workers harvest cilantro or coriander in the field next to my house.  The smell of the freshly cut cilantro filled the air.  They were also harvesting parsley, lettuce, turnips and baby carrots.  As I watched them, I thought to myself, how rich and fertile the soil must be.  With Spring right around the corner, the smell of citrus blossoms in the mornings will settle on the landscape like dew.  Spring time in the Rio Grande Valley is filled with spring time scents and a sense of hope and wonder as to what the year will bring.  I hope that the farmers in the Valley have a great growing season this year.

The Arroyo Colorado Ag WG meeting, the Habitat WG meeting and the Steering committee meeting were all held on January 21, 2010 at the Rio Red classroom at the TAMUK Citrus Center.  All of the meetings generated quite of bit of discussion on plans for the upcoming year.  They are several projects slated to take off very soon.  I will post the workgroup summaries to the website as soon as they are completed.

One of the students I mentioned in the last bimonthly, Ruben Saldana Jr., entered his schools science fair.  His project focused on taking water samples from the Arroyo Colorado at various locations and comparing the results.  He won 1st place and is moving on to the district level.  Congratulations and good luck.

JimTabak, President of The Valley Land Fund, wanted me to announce that The Valley Land Fund is looking to hire an Executive Director.  If you are interested in the position or know somebody that might be interested, please contact Jim Tabak at (956) 571-7424 or through email at

Please mark your calendars for a few upcoming events including:

If there is an issue, topic or project that you would like to discuss regarding the Arroyo Colorado, please e-mail me and let we me what I can do to help.

Finally took some time to wet a line.  It was cold, wet and very windy.  I did not even catch a hard head catfish.  Maybe the next time.

Looking ahead,

Jaime J Flores