Arroyo Colorado

May 14, 2010

Hello Arroyo Partners:

Summer is here. At least it feels that way. The forecast for the Rio Grande Valley for the next several months will be; humid, mostly sunny and windy. Repeat every day.

Dragonfly Days start today. Please come out to enjoy all of the activities planned for this weekend. I will have the Arroyo Colorado model on display at the Estero Llano Grande World Birding Center all day tomorrow. I hope to see some of you there.

The IBWC has released environmental documents that include levee improvements on the Arroyo Colorado and is open for public comment through May 26. View the documents.

NRS Consulting Engineers are requesting your input regarding comments, questions or concerns relating to the Texas Desal Project, namely: a) a planning aid memorandum, and b) potential research topics. The deadline for your comments is June 1, 2010. I have attached the original request letter and a chart of desalination facility components. Your comments will be included in the final report to the Texas Water Development Board.

Please mark your calendars for the upcoming events:

Looking ahead,
Jaime J Flores