Arroyo Colorado

May 28, 2010

Hello Arroyo Partners:

As soon as I said that the Rio Grande Valley was locked into a summer pattern, it started to rain.  There has been some big storms that produced a lot of rain over the last couple of weeks.  There is so much humidity in the air that late afternoon "sea breeze" showers along the coast are expected for the next couple of weeks.

I had the Arroyo Colorado model on display during Dragonfly Days at the Estero Llano Grande World Birding Center two weeks ago.  They had a lot of activities for the kids and everyone that attended had a great time.  The next day, Dragonfly Days continued at the Valley Nature Center.  They had kayaking and a fishing tank for the kids, along with a number of other activities.

The Texas Stream Team in conjunction with the Arroyo Colorado Watershed Partnership held a volunteer monitor training workshop on Saturday, May 22 from 8:30-4:30 pm at the Estero Llano Grande World Birding Center.  We had a great turnout.  We had twenty volunteers that become certified Texas Stream Team members.  We also had two Stream Team members that became certified trainers.

NRS Consulting Engineers are requesting your input regarding two follow-up items relating to the Texas Desal Project, namely: a) a planning aid memorandum, and b) potential research topics.  The deadline for your comments is June 1, 2010.  I have attached the original request letter and a chart of desalination facility components. Your comments will be included in the final report to the Texas Water Development Board.

Please mark your calendars for the upcoming events:

The fishing has been great.  I have been catching them on everything; live shrimp under a cork, plastics, top-water and spoons.  There are a lot of fish out there in Lower Laguna Madre, get out there and wet a line!

Looking ahead,
Jaime Flores