Arroyo Colorado

August 31, 2011

Hello Arroyo Partners:

The drought situation in Texas is as bad as it gets. Down here in the Rio Grande Valley, we had some afternoon thunderstorms roll in off of the coast last week that really helped out. The weather prognosticators are calling for rain today and for the rest of the week. I am positive they are right this time,somehow, it always rains before and during opening day of the special white wing season in South Texas.

During the past month, we have been very busy writing final reports to close out theArroyo Colorado Watershed Protection Plan Implementationgrant/project. This grant/project ends today. A lot of time, work and money went into this project and the Arroyo Colorado and Lower Laguna Madre are better off because of that. I want to thank all of our Arroyo partners that helped make this happen.

Tomorrow, we begin work on theSustainability of the Arroyo Colorado Watershed Partnership and Continued Implementation of the Arroyo Colorado Watershed Protection Plan. The ACWP is very excited and pleased that we will be able to continue implementing the nutrient/pollution control measures outlined in the ACWPP. Once again, we will look to you, Arroyo Partners, to help us make this grant/project even more successful than the last one. I want to thank the TCEQ and the EPA for funding this project.

Beginning Monday, tune your radios to KEDT-FM for a 10-part series, "The Laguna Madre," an educational outreach effort sponsored by the Harte Research Institute for Gulf of Mexico Studies at Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi. The five-to-six-minute episodes will air weekdays at 8:04 a.m. and 4:44 p.m. on KEDT-FM 90.3 in Corpus Christi and KVRT-FM 90.7 in Victoria. "The Laguna Madre" explores the many attributes of this unique body of water on the South Texas coast through conversations with scientists, fishermen, birders and boaters. The series' goal is to raise awareness in the region about this wild, coastal gem right in our own backyard. The series is a part of the Harte Research Institute's ongoing outreach effort, "Gulf Matters: A Series about the Gulf of Mexico, America's Sea." If you would like to listen to the series, you can go to the Arroyo Colorado website to find a link to it.

A while back Allen asked Leslie Lee, TWRI, to make a Facebook page for the ACWP. She finished it last week and it’s up and ready.

We’re working on getting 25 “likes” so that then we can get a shortened, vanity URL name for it, so please like it and then share it with someone else.

Fishing has been tough under these extremely hot conditions. Fishing, for me anyway, has been hit and miss. We have been able to locate reds but they are been very finicky and the trout have been on the small side. Capt. Richard Lopez and I were able to round up same reds despite the tough conditions. The reds were hitting on the smaller 2”-3” size of top water lures. We even participated in the Fishing for Hope fishing tournament representing the “First Choice Power #1” fishing team. We were able to squeak out 4th place in the red division in a very tough field of competitors. I heard scuttlebutt that the reds were just starting to “school up” in anticipation of the “drum-run” later this fall. I will keep you posted.

Looking ahead,
Jaime Flores