Arroyo Colorado

March 30, 2011

Hello Arroyo Partners:

The Rio Grande Valley is full bloom.  Everywhere you look, there is new, lush vegetation.  Despite the lack of rain, the Valley is green and beautiful.

I want to remind everyone that the ACWP will be holding several of their Work Group meetings in April.

If you have any topics or suggestions to include on the Agendas for the upcoming workgroup meetings please call or send me an e-mail.

Please mark your calendars for the upcoming events:

I have been quite concerned as to what effects all of the floodwater that was released last year would have on the Lower Laguna Madre.  I recently read an article by Scott Null in the CCA's, March issue of TIDE magazine.  He quoted Mark Lingo, TPWD lead biologist, as describing the LLM as nutrient limited as far as organic matter entering the LLM. He went on to say that in the long term, the flush of fresh water should be an incredible boost for the entire bay and should result in a more diverse and healthy forage base.  The article went on to say that several local guides have seen an increase in the baitfish, shrimp and crab population this spring and that the trout, redfish and snook have responded by going on a serious feeding spree.  I was extremely excited to read this and it confirmed what I have been experiencing over the last couple of weeks out on the water.  There is baitfish and shrimp everywhere.   I don't ever recall seeing so much bait.  The shorelines are thick with bait pods and the trout and reds are feasting on all of it.  This Sunday, we caught 4 limits of trout and four reds.  We must have released 30-40 specks.  All of the trout were fat and very healthy. The reds were thick and feisty.  The LLM is responding well to all of the freshwater.  Only time will tell if it stays that way.

Looking ahead,
Jaime J Flores