Arroyo Colorado

November 28, 2011

Hello Arroyo Partners:

I hope that everyone had a happy Thanksgiving with your family and loved ones. The Rio Grande Valley still has not received any significant rainfall.  The lack of rainfall has resulted in record setting demands for irrigation water in the Rio Grande Valley and is starting to have an impact on the amount of irrigation water available for next year.  The Valley desperately needs some rain.  A Pacific cold front blew in yesterday and dropped temperatures to just below freezing over night.  Another cold front is expected to blow in by Tuesday and will keep the temperatures hovering around the freezing mark after sundown for the next several days.  I hope that the cold weather does not negatively impact any vegetables or citrus that are out in the fields and orchards.  Next to my house in La Feria, they have been harvesting cilantro (coriander) and other greens for the last couple of weeks.  The smell of freshly cut cilantro fills the air until about 10:00 am and is absolutely amazing. 

The ACWP hosted several of their Work Group meetings in October.  The Ag Work Group summary has been posted on the website.  I have attached the summaries for the Habitat WG and the Steering Committee meeting.  Please review and provide comments/edits before we post the summaries on the website.  Three key topics were discussed during the Steering Committee meeting; 1) the formation of the Arroyo Colorado Urban Storm Water WG (AC-USW WG) to address the new MS4 permit and how the permit will affect the Arroyo, 2) that the local TXDOT office has joined the Arroyo Colorado Steering Committee and will be part of the Urban Storm Water WG and 3) the formation of the Arroyo Colorado Financial Development WG (AC-FD WG) to plan and develop different fundraising ideas and events to sustain the ACWP.

If you have any suggestions or comments regarding the AC-USW WG or the AC-FD WG please call or send me an e-mail.

Please mark your calendars for the upcoming event:

The Texas Irrigation Expo will be held December 9-10, 2011 at the McAllen Convention Center, 700 Convention Center Blvd.  Please register at to register for the event.

I made a run out to the Pt. Mansfield land cut a couple of weeks ago to try my luck at catching some bull-reds and got skunked.  All the conditions were perfect and I had some nice mullet but the tide was wrong.  I did manage to catch close to what seemed like a thousand hard head catfish.  I guess I have to admit that the 2011 fishing season, at least for me, has come to end.  It is time to clean up and lube your reels, strip of the old line and re-spool and wait for spring to roll around.

Looking ahead,
Jaime Flores