Arroyo Colorado

July 25, 2012

Hello Arroyo Partners:

The Heat Wave continues!  We have been reaching triple digits on a pretty regular basis for the last month.  It is unbelievable hot between 2-5 pm if you happen to be outside.  On a better note, the cotton harvest is in full swing down here in the RGV and it looks like a bumper crop.  If it hasn’t rained yet, Mother Nature might as well wait until cotton season is over. 

The ACWP will be hosted two of their Work Group meetings July; 

The Arroyo Colorado Habitat Workgroup meeting and The Arroyo Colorado Steering Committee meeting were held on July 19, 2012 at the Estero Llano Grande World Birding Center.  One of the main topics at both meetings was how the ACWP would address the Bacteria impairment of the Arroyo Colorado.  The options for addressing Bacteria are a WPP or a TMDL.  The other main issue discussed was how to incorporate this “new” strategy of reducing bacteria entering the AC into the update of the ACWPP.  

I have attached summaries of both meetings.  Please review and provide me with any thoughts or comments that you may have.

Fishing, for me anyway, has been brutal.  I have not gotten “into” the fish in a while.  I planned a night fishing trip a couple of weeks ago.  We caught live mullet and shiner and the bait well was full.  We headed out to Payton’s Bay and set out our lines.  As soon as we got there, the fish hit hard and hit fast.  Unfortunately, the fish were all “hardhead” catfish!  I never caught so many “hardheads” in my life.  I am heading back this weekend hoping to end my own personal fishing drought.  I will keep you posted. 

Looking ahead,
Jaime Flores