Arroyo Colorado

January 20, 2015

Hello Arroyo Partners,

The Arroyo Colorado Watershed Partnership (ACWP) is currently writing Phase II of the Arroyo Colorado Watershed Protection Plan (ACWPP).  The original ACWPP was completed in 2006 and was intended to have a ten year implementation period.  As the initial implementation period is nearing completion, the ACWP is assessing the effectiveness of the plan and developing Phase II of the ACWPP in order to continue the Partnerships efforts to improve the water quality of the Arroyo Colorado and the Lower Laguna Madre. 

The original ACWPP was full of great pictures of the Arroyo Colorado and native flora and fauna found in the watershed.  That is where you, the Arroyo Colorado Watershed residents and stakeholders, come in.  The ACWP will be hosting a photo contest to get recent photos for Phase II of the ACWPP.  We are asking the public to submit photos of the Arroyo Colorado and native plants and animals found in the watershed to be included in Phase II of the ACWPP.  Of all of the photos submitted, the ACWP Photo contest committee, will select the very best photos to be included in the Update.  Of the photos selected by the committee, one photo will be selected as the Grand Champion and be used as the photograph for the cover of the Update and receive a $250 prize. 

There will also be a special Arroyo Colorado Logo category with a $500 prize.  The ACWP’s logo is the Ringed Kingfisher sitting on a branch with a small fish in its beak.  See photo below.  We are asking for you to try and replicate the logo through photography.  The photograph must be taken from within the Arroyo Colorado watershed and during the contest period.  It will be the responsibility of the photographer to provide the proper evidence, date, time, GPS coordinates, to demonstrate that the photograph is valid and meets the requirements of the contest.  The contest period will begin October 1, 2014 and end January 31, 2016. 

Jaime Flores, P.G.