AC Watershed Partnership Membership

Although implementation of the Arroyo Colorado watershed protection plan is currently supported largely by federal funds, the Partnership is working towards becoming its own entity such as a non-profit group. As it builds up its membership and status as a stand-alone entity, the partnership is gauging its financial support and future. Would your organization, business or entity be interested in supporting the Partnership on a monetary basis? Or would you consider paying membership dues as an individual or organization? We are interested in knowing your opinion on this issue. Please e-mail Jaime Flores with your thoughts or if you have other suggestions for sustainability of the partnership, we would like to know that too.

Donate to the Arroyo Colorado Conservancy to become a member or renew your membership.

Pygmy Owl - $15

Youth Membership

Whitewing Dove - $25

Individual Membership

Bobwhite Quail - $50

Family Membership

Scissor Tail Flycatcher - $100

Watershed Supporter Membership

Great Blue Heron - $250

Watershed Steward Membership

Altamira Oriole - $500

Watershed Conservator Membership

Aplomado Falcon - $1,000

Watershed Conservator/Business Membership

Ringed Kingfisher - $2,500

Master Watershed Conservator Membership